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About Us

We are a digital media agency specializing in sharing unique solutions via our virtual event experiences and vast networks. We provide conferences, digital lead generation, content creation, podcasts and, host our ‘TED-styled’ live, fun storytelling experiences.

Our Approach to Events is Centered Around Learning & Personal Connections

We specialize in researching and developing cutting edge educational forums and events designed to bring together innovators and thought-leaders in a unique format for collaborative learning and networking.

Through extensive industry research, our unique portfolio provides a platform for the latest industry education, superior business connections and an innovative networking environment where you can share and discuss the latest developments within the rapidly evolving healthcare and life science industries.

Our Team

Simon Curtis

Simon Curtis

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Simon has over 16 years of experience within marketing, commercialization, launch strategy and digital transformation within the pharmaceutical and life sciences industry. His experience spans both the U.S. and Europe.

Joseph Buchanan

Joseph Buchanan

Web & Marketing Director

Joseph has spent the last 15 years working with wealth building, investment, and pharmaceutical conference companies on creating their digital footprint with things like web design/development, email design, and marketing automation.

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